Benefits of a Co-op

What are the benefits of being a member of LTC Connect?

1. You are a Member

You are not only a customer, but also a member of LTC Connect, which means you share in the profits of the company as well as other member benefits.  A cooperative operates for the benefit of its members, not for a small group of investors or a single owner.

2. Capital Credits

Each year that LTC Connect has an operating margin, the operating margin is allocated to each member based on the amount of business the member did with the Cooperative.  When the board determines that the financial needs of the Cooperative have been met, they may approve distributions of capital credits based on the previous allocations for each member.  You can learn more about Capital Credits by clicking here.

3. Local Company

LTC Connect is a local telecommunications company and the people who work for LTC Connect are part of your community. Being local means that whenever you have a question or a problem, we are right here in person to assist you, and we answer your call without using automated attendants.  Plus, because we work and live in your community, we understand your communication needs, and our employees use the same services at their home so they personally care about the service we provide.

As a cooperative, we’re also passionate about investing in each of the six exchanges we service in South Central Kentucky. We offer our high-speed Internet service to all members, no matter where they are located.  We have made this commitment even though it is much more expensive to provide service to the more rural areas, which is why a lot of the big name companies choose not to make the investment.

4. Support the Community

As a local company, we invest a great deal in our community. By supporting various community and charitable organizations and giving back to local students through our scholarship program, LTC Connect gives back to the local community more than any other telephone or Internet provider in the area.

5. More Reliable Services

LTC Connect knows the importance of having reliable phone and Internet services. To provide our members with the reliability they deserve, LTC offers the best high-speed Internet in the area. We have invested a great deal into our network in order to provide high-quality services, and we now have a great network with a large backbone.  Our fiber ring allows multiple routes to the Internet in case there are service conflicts like a fiber being cut, and we have also invested in numerous back-up generators in our Central Offices in case there is a power failure.

With 95% of our lines being buried underground, this helps to prevent outages during inclement weather. So when others are dealing with lines being down after an ice or other storm, you are more likely to stay connected with your loved ones and have the access to 9-1-1 that you deserve.

6. Faster Internet – Unlimited Data – Technical Support

Our Internet customers do not share their Internet connections like cable and wireless providers require.  Each LTC Connect customer has their own individual connection, or pipeline. Unlike other providers, we also purchase excess capacity to the Internet in order to handle high traffic loads so members aren’t slowed down even during peak hours.

All of our high-speed Internet services offer unlimited data where some of our competition set data limits or caps and charge by the amount used.  We also provide Internet technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that is located right here in Kentucky.

7.  9-1-1 Reliability

When an emergency strikes, you want the responders to be able to find you and your family as quickly as possible, and with our landline telephone service you can rest assured that they will know your exact location.

Plus, as mentioned above regarding the reliability of our telephone service, we have 95% of our lines buried underground so you are more likely to have access to your telephone during an emergency involving inclement weather than with other providers.

8.  Great Customer Service

Our employees strive to go the extra mile for each member.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff care about each member’s need and care about the services we provide.  We know that we are in business because of our members, and we are here to serve you.