Business VIP Hosted Phone

LTC Connect offers a hosted phone service utilizing VoIP technology that integrates business telephony, messaging, and collaboration in a simple-to-use interface so users can stay connected anywhere from any device.

Hosted phone systems are the latest trend for business communication solutions. An Internet-based phone service provides the reliability, flexibility, and security you need. Powered by our fiber-optic network, hosted phone systems offer the most advanced technology available at an affordable price. Get features used by the world’s top companies to boost productivity and profit while keeping the local support from a company you can trust.

Choose VIPremium to easily access features and settings with a convenient mobile app:

• Take your inbox with you.
• Manage business conversations on the go.
• Have two-way text conversations.
• Get instantly notified.
• Assign messages to teammates.
• Access all your account contacts.

Cost Efficiency

LTC Connect can deliver your hosted phone system through our lightning-fast fiber broadband network with no complex infrastructure to purchase or set up. A hosted phone system is more reliable and requires less in-house maintenance.


A hosted phone system allows your communications network to grow seamlessly as your business grows. You can have the flexibility to add additional phone lines, extensions, and even connect with mobile devices without additional hardware.


LTC Connect will manage and maintain your hosted phone system, so you can focus on growing your business. Save time and money without the hassle and resources required to maintain an in-house phone system.

Quality and Reliability

Hosted phone systems are more reliable than traditional phone systems and are less likely to be impacted by severe weather or other emergencies. Get crystal-clear reception on every call.

LTC Connect VIP Plans

Starts at $23.99/mo. per phone
Starts at $19.99/mo. per phone
Domestic Long DistanceYesYes
Presence/IM (Android/iPhone App/Softphone)Yes
Mobility (One-number access- Find
Me/Follow Me)
Call Forwarding (Always, Busy, No
Answer, Not Reachable, Selective)
Voicemail (Voicemail-to-Email)YesYes
Speed DialYesYes
Shared Call AppearanceYesYes
Individual Phone Numbers (DIDs)YesYes
Extension to Extension CallsYesYes
E911 ServiceYesYes

Call 270.542.4121 or 270.934.4121 to learn how our VIP hosted phone services can boost your business.

Applicable taxes and fees will be added. LTC Connect customers must have FiberNet service, and others must have a reliable broadband connection.