Community Involvement

As a cooperative, community involvement is woven into everything we do. For over 65 years, LTC Connect has placed thousands of dollars back into our community by supporting philanthropic organizations like the American Cancer Society, Junior Achievement, United Way, and many more. We’ve also committed to supporting education by providing scholarships to area college students and supporting various programs at the local schools.

Unlike other telecommunication providers, our commitment to the community is personal and our company will always strive to make a difference.



“Round-Up”… Small Change that Changes Lives

LTC Connect’s Round-Up program is a voluntary program in which a member elects to have their monthly bill “rounded up” to the next whole dollar. Monies collected will be used to provide assistance to community and charitable causes.

How does Round-Up work?  

Say your bill for the month is $40.72. As a “Round-Up” participant, your bill is automatically “rounded up” to $41.00. The maximum annual amount that a customer will donate is $11.88 ($0.99 per month). 

How will the money be distributed?

Round-Up contributions are administered by committee. This committee is responsible for distributing funds raised through member participation.  LTC Connect covers all administrative costs of the program. 

How can I sign-up to give back through Round-Up?

If you would like to sign up for Round-Up, please call 270-542-4121 or 270-934-4121 or email us at By participating, your small change can change someone’s life!