Logan Telephone Cooperative announced this week it is unveiling a refreshed brand identity and becoming LTC Connect. The updates show the evolution of the cooperative since its founding in 1954 as it has expanded upon its service offerings.

Over the past several months, management at Logan Telephone Cooperative worked with a design firm to create the new name and image that would accurately depict what the company represents.

Logan Telephone Cooperative’s General Manager Greg Hale stated, “We felt this transition was necessary because as technology has evolved, our business and the services we provide to members have evolved as well. Since we began providing Internet service without a phone line in July 2019, we now have more members with Internet service than phone service. While outstanding telephone service is still a high priority for us, having telephone as the only service in our name does not accurately reflect who we are as a company today. We intend to continue to make substantial fiber investments and stay focused on constantly evolving technology that will keep our members CONNECTED well into the future.”

Along with this brand refresh, a new and updated website is available at ltcconnect.com.  The site is easier to navigate, more smartphone friendly, and provides several new features including service maps and a bandwidth calculator tool.

While this rebranding is significant, the company’s core beliefs haven’t changed. Being a cooperative is the foundation of the company.  LTC was kept as part of the new name to recognize the importance of the company’s history and the fact that LTC Connect remains a cooperative.

LTC Connect’s mission is to serve its members, customers, and community by offering solutions that consistently provide outstanding value and improved quality of life. It’s through these beliefs that the company is MAKING CONNECTIONS THAT MEAN THE MOST for its members. The past few months have been a true testament of these meaningful connections during the COVID-19 pandemic. As many customers worked and learned from home, stayed connected with family and friends, and streamed video for entertainment and relaxation, LTC Connect was there every step of the way.



1. Will this change my @logantele.com email address?  No.  All customer email addresses will remain unchanged while LTC Connect employee addresses will change.  LTC Connect employees will receive email at both @loganphone.com and @ltcconnect.com addresses at this time.

2. Do I need to notify my bank to tell them to pay LTC Connect instead of Logan Telephone Cooperative?  Since we are still legally Logan Telephone Cooperative doing business as LTC Connect, we will continue to receive payments made to either name.  We would prefer payments be made in the future to LTC Connect but can accept them either way.