Residential Hosted Phone

LTC Connect offers a hosted phone service that utilizes VoIP technology to give your home a clear and reliable calling experience. Powered by our fiber-optic network, hosted phone systems offer the most advanced technology at an affordable price.

Plus, get unlimited domestic long distance and many other great features!

Put your home phone in your pocket with the homeXtend mobile app. Download this free app and all calls to your home phone number will ring both your home phone and the mobile app. (Available with our Residential Select plan.)

Residential Hosted Phone Plans

Residential Features
Starts at $19.99/mo. per phone
Starts at $24.99/mo. per phone
Phone Number Native to Serving Rate CenterYesYes
White Page Directory ListingYesYes
911 RegistrationYesYes
Unlimited Local and Long DistanceYesYes
International Calling (Same rate plan as UC)YesYes
411 Directory Assistance (Per use fee)YesYes
Caller ID & Caller Name DeliveryYesYes
Call WaitingYesYes
Call HoldYesYes
3-Way CallingYesYes
Call ReturnYesYes
Last Number RedialYesYes
Anonymous Call RejectionYesYes
Calling Line ID Delivery BlockingYesYes
Call Forward Always, No Answer, Not ReachableYesYes
Do Not DisturbYesYes
Speed DialYesYes
Voice MailYesYes
Unified Messaging (Voicemail-to-Email)YesYes
Sequential RingYes
Simultaneous RingYes
homeXtend Mobile ClientYes
Selective Call AcceptanceYes
Selective Call RejectionYes
Destinctive RingYes
Limited to 22 select countries and destinations and for customers in the 47 continental US.
Call 270.542.4121 or 270.934.4121 to sign up today! 

Applicable taxes and fees will be added. LTC Connect customers must have FiberNet service, and others must have a reliable broadband connection.