LTC Connect is committed to helping our customers with all phone and/or Internet issues. Please choose the appropriate troubleshooting FAQs below to help solve any issues you may be experiencing.  If you’re unable to find a solution or are still having issues, please contact us immediately.

If you were directed here by an
Internet support technician:

CLICK HERE to begin a Remote Support Session.

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Phone Numbers

24/7 Technical Support:  270-542-7709 or 270-934-2202

Telephone Customer Service:  270-542-4121 or 270-934-4121

Telephone Repair:  270-542-4125 or 270-934-4125

Billing Inquiries:  270-542-4121 or 270-934-4121

811 Before You Dig:  Call 811 or


Telephone or General Inquiries: 

24/7 Technical Support:


General Support FAQs

I have received a copyright infringement notification, what now?

Go to This site is designed to help answer those questions and to provide information to help you find the content you want legally.

Can I test my Internet speed?
Can I change my email settings?

CLICK HERE to update your Magic Mail settings.

SpeedNet Troubleshooting FAQs

If you’re having an Internet issue, turn off the power on the VisionNet modem by pressing the power button on the back.  Wait 20 seconds and turn it back on.  Wait for the lights to quit blinking.  After they become solid, you should be connected.

NOTE:  Please DO NOT press the reset button on your VisionNet modem unless instructed to by our support. 

My Sync, WAN, or DSL light keeps flashing. What should I do?
  1. Check the phone line on the back of the VisionNet modem. It should be plugged into the Line port.
  2. If using a surge protector, connect the phone line from the VisionNet modem to the phone jack.
  3. If that fails, call our Internet Technical Support at 270-542-7709 or 270-934-2202.
What is the password for my wireless router?
  1. Your password is the MAC or LAN MAC number found on the bottom of your router.  (Ex. 001XXXXXXXX)  Do not type “MAC” or “LAN MAC”, just the numbers/letters.  Please note that these are case-sensitive.
Can I get SpeedNet service if I don't have phone service with LTC Connect?


Do I need to turn off my VisionNet modem every day?

No.  The modems are designed to be left on. It is important though to unplug the modem during an electrical storm.

Can I use my telephone while I am on the Internet using SpeedNet?


NOTE:  Always remember to use a surge protector that has built-in phone line protection to reduce the chance of an electrical surge destroying your equipment. Of course there is no guarantee that this will protect your computer or modem from damage during an electrical storm. The only sure way to prevent damage is to unplug both the surge protector and the phone lines from the wall outlet and phone jack. Surges are not covered by any manufacturer.