Managed Wi-Fi

Maximize Your Wi-Fi Experience With A Fully Managed Solution!

What is included with Managed Wi-Fi?

Managed Wi-Fi includes premiere home Wi-Fi connectivity with various options to ensure full coverage through a top-of-the-line GigaCenter wireless router. In some cases, extended Wi-Fi reach is needed to cover a further area. LTC Connect offers exceptional Wi-Fi over three different options for customers, depending on the need. 

Plans & Pricing

What extra features does the Wi-Fi Elite plan include?

The GigaSpire BLAST wireless router, that is provided to our Elite subscribers, provides outstanding Wi-Fi range and performance throughout your home. This powerful router dedicates bandwidth across the separate Wi-Fi networks to avoid interference and support higher upload speeds. It also integrates the latest technologies into a single device, including ‘Wi-Fi 6’ technology. In addition, the service includes a free app that allows for parental controls, enabling you to restrict certain devices.


The Wi-Fi extender creates a bigger network for your household. With a network that is enlarged by a Wi-Fi Extender, you remain connected from one area to another seamlessly, on the same network.


Professional installation is available for a low cost of $74.95 or self-installation is an option on Wi-Fi Plus for only $19.95.

Professional installation charges will be waived if installation is done while the technician is already on-site for the initial FiberNet installation. Only one fee per installation regardless of number of devices.

*Managed Wi-Fi is only available through LTC Connect’s FiberNet Internet. LTC Connect will maintain ownership of equipment.

To sign up for Managed Wi-Fi, give us a call at 270-542-4121 or 270-934-4121 or email us at