Managed Wi-Fi

Maximize Your Wi-Fi Experience With A Fully Managed Solution!


Managed Wi-Fi provides premiere home Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure full coverage of your home or business.  We provide a free router with each FiberNet connection, and these routers come with Wi-Fi enabled for free as well.  However, some homes and businesses due to a variety of reasons (i.e. size, materials within the walls, other devices in the premise, etc.) may need additional Wi-Fi access points to help cover all the areas that Wi-Fi is needed. Wi-Fi Plus can help!  Wi-Fi Plus will OPTIMIZE your Wi-Fi where you need it the most.

The best part? There’s no expensive equipment to buy or replace. Wi-Fi Plus will take care of everything.

Plans & Pricing


Equipment called a router or access point converts your FiberNet Internet connection to wireless radio frequencies. It is a more efficient and convenient way of getting Internet access everywhere in your home.


If you are tired of Wi-Fi signals that constantly drop or connections that buffer every time you watch a movie, Wi-Fi Plus can help! We will provide dedicated equipment to optimize your Wi-Fi where you use it the most. This means no more poor signal on the couch or on the patio.

What Do I Need?

To get Wi-Fi Plus, you need a FiberNet Internet connection. We will provide all the necessary equipment to get your home or business fully connected wirelessly.


Professional installation is available for a low cost of $74.95 or self-installation is an option on Wi-Fi Plus for only $19.95.

Professional installation charges will be waived if installation is done while the technician is already on-site for the initial FiberNet installation. Only one fee per installation regardless of number of devices.

*Managed Wi-Fi is only available through LTC Connect’s FiberNet Internet. LTC Connect will maintain ownership of equipment.

To sign up for the LTC Protect Suite or if you are interested in updating to the GigaSpire router, give us a call at 270-542-4121 or 270-934-4121 or email us at

Want to take your Wi-Fi to the next level?

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